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"Lacy Kalberer went above and beyond to coordinate vendors, decorate, and entertain. She kept the night going smoothly, whipped out a Tide pen when I spilled on my white dress 🤦🏼‍♀️ and even danced with us. She is absolutely wonderful! "

-Hayley F. , September 28th, 2019



Why a Wedding Planner?

When you find the right fit for your wedding planning style, your day of coordinator will not only be your advocate, but will head off any problems that could come up. They will know your vision and execute it how you would have done so yourself. They are also there to be your unbiased calming force when all the emotions and voices of those around you can be overwhelming. 

Wedding planners wear many hats...vendor liaison, essential timeline creator, decor placement styling expert, professional tide-to-go user, incredible smile maker, THE BEST hugger, and your shoulder to lean on, but the most important hat of all... your advocate.


Your wedding day is one that you want to experience fully present and engulfed in joy. Your love is what the foundation of your wedding plans have been built from with your ceremony and vows being the roots of your future. I am passionate about making sure you are smiling so much on your wedding day that your cheeks hurt by the end of the night, champagne on your lips, and a fullness in your heart.

Well hi there!

Welcome to A Little Grace A Little Lace Events. Whether you are newly engaged and in the first steps of your wedding planning, finalizing your vendor team and decor vision, realizing that you do need a Day of Coordinator, or maybe just are not sure what a planner can do for you, I am the one for you! I strive to keep your planning process fun, energetic, and secure with professional and knowledgeable advice. 


I would love to show you just how beneficial a wedding planner can be with our quality of service, warm attitude, and understanding of the wedding planning journey. 

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