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Emily and Andrew's Oregon Coast Wedding at Gearhart Mcmenamins

For Emily and Andrew's June beach wedding they really wanted the day to embody "fun" and bring their uber cute and sassy personalities into the special details of their day. Emily had planned well before she brought me on to help with the day of, her details were perfect for her beachy feminine theme and Gearhart McMenamins was a great venue to bring the details home.

The month of June at the Oregon Coast could really go either way in terms of weather, but we were really counting on the day in the least being moderately warm and dry. Well God did one better for us and it was a steamy 103 degrees that Saturday. Yup, totally not expected, a welcomed surprise, and made for a few challenges in terms of ensuring we got all the guests as quickly from the hot sand to the shaded lower level of McMenamins with plenty of refreshments waiting. With the beach line being a short 3/4 of a mile away from the hotel and ample signage, everyone made it without a hitch!

Their ceremony was lovely with an aisle that led the way with shepherd hooks holding mini sea glass balls that matched the larger glass ball at the alter. Eucalyptus laid delicately from the alter and gently danced in the coastal breeze. Vintage hankies clipped to a stand for those happy tears. As her wedding party entered from the main beach access point, followed right in line were the cutest little boys ever! Emily's grandmother was her flower girl. Yes that is correct, her grandma was more than ecstatic to do this special tradition for her granddaughter. So folks, remember you can make your day HOWEVER WITH WHOEVER you want ;).

With a surprise for her guests and her hubby to be, we had Emily and her Dad enter from the nearby knoll for a very striking entrance. She was sensational! They performed a sand ceremony at which Andrew knelt down and scooped sand from the very spot they said "I DO" that married well with the refreshing white sand that signified their bond.

Following the ceremony I hauled butt to transition the Eucalyptus garland to the head table and to welcome guests as they arrived to cocktail hour. This group was definitely one I will never ever forget as their family welcomed me honestly and genuinely into their family that day. Mama Peggy will always be special to me and a mother of the bride that I would always love to work with 1000 times over, and so generous! She lovingly always checked on me which really meant a lot.

As the evening progressed, dinner, toasts, shots, cake, and let the dancing begin! When they said their family would close the place out, they were not kidding! With a live band banging out all the hits, the crowd was on their feet until we literally had no time left and I loved it. Lets dance the night away to some rowdy country music and 90's hits (my fave) anytime guys!

Photography | Alderbrook Imaging

Venue | Mcmenamins Gearhart

Band | Patrick Lamb

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