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Hi, I'm Lacy

About Me...

A Little Grace & A Little Lace


Thank you for visiting my site, my name is Lacy and I am the owner of A Little Grace A Little Lace Events. I have an extraordinary passion for love stories, an unwavering work ethic, an obsession with living a healthy lifestyle inside and out, but also believe in dessert before dinner.  

My wedding planning journey began in February of 2016 when I explored my passion for wanting other couples to have a wedding day  as SPECIAL  and UNIQUE as their relationship. I believe that the romance that most couples dream of for their wedding day should come true! It means so much to me to  make sure everything runs smoothly. Using my experience with varying wedding styles, traditions, non traditions, budgets, couples, family dynamics, quality vendor communications, and an authentic self; I feel strongly that I can offer a unique and personal planning experience for my couples. Your wedding day is a magical one for me as well because selfishly I get to witness you two at your happiest, and that brings me all the feels! Plus, dessert... how can one not love this job?

From making sure you are well hydrated, to creating special private moments for you and your wedded partner to share hugs, smooches, and cheer at the fact that you did this day together, to warmly reminding you to breathe deep and be present, I am by your side and got your back. I can proudly say I have not looked back and I continue to stretch and grow my knowledge and passion through styling, networking, and being involved in the wedding community.  

I tend to be an overly positive person, typically referenced as always in "party blower" mode. I love logistics and thinking of all possible outcomes and paths so that I can help guide my clients to their most favorable outcome. I love to laugh, I love connecting with people, and I love creating a strong support system. 


"You never know what kind of magic tomorrow will bring" - Steve Hecker
Thank you dad for always saying this to me on my good and bad days. Love you

wedding oregon coast planner coordinator
The Foundry Lake Oswego Wedding - Portla
Oregon Wedding Planner Coordinator

Photographers are pretty incredible hard working people and to ensure I respect their integrity and workmanship, each of these photos are linked to their professional websites. Each artist has their own style so there will be many variations in editing techniques. I appreciate these behind the scenes captures of me doing my job and I feel the candid perspective gives an insight on what I do for you as your exclusive wedding planner.

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